Summer is not that far off.

I remember those summer days when I was a kid wishing, hoping, pleading for a community swimming pool. But no, the town resorted to taking a bus of us kids to swim at Portage Lake.

Well, the town of Leslie has a swimming pool for the kids…an awesome idea for a youth activity that could possibly aid in keeping the kids out of trouble. But the pool is in trouble – it’s not going to re-open, thanks to a lack of funds to keep it in repair.

It needs approximately $300,000 in repairs before it can reopen. They have a committee that has raised $100,000  - a very impressive accomplishment  - but they still need an additional $200,000 to make it happen.

Yeah, it’s a huge amount…but y’know, if EVERYBODY in the surrounding counties – Ingham, Jackson, Eaton & Livingston -  could at least donate ONE ol’ dollar it would far surpass what they need.

Remember what it was like when you were a kid to wish for that swimming pool that never came? Don’t cop an attitude like “well if I got along without one, why should today’s kids?” I’ll tell you why… because it’s more than just something to cool off with: it’s also a way to keep them happy and out of trouble. Period.

Pass this along to any & everyone you wish. Remember, a buck ain’t gonna kill ya…just gotta get enough of ‘em.

Go to their Facebook page and ask any questions you have – where to donate, etc.

CLICK HERE for the Facebook page, "Save The Leslie Pool."

...and do something nice.