Well, when MSU decided to close down campus and have students do work from computers away from the school, let's just say things turned out as I thought.

Last night in East Lansing the lines to get into bars were ridiculously long. So much for isolation. While talking to a friend I said that the closure of MSU would just make for more bar time and more parties. If you watched any news or were downtown, then you saw how long the lines were. Not Costco, I'm buying all their toilet paper long, but they were longer than usual. Bars have also taken to lowering the number of people inside the bar at one time.

President Trump did call on airlines to back off on overseas travel, limiting the number coming in to the country in hopes of stopping or slowing down the coronavirus.

Airlines within the U.S. are still a go. My daughter leaves for Miami today on a flight that is full. I will be flying on Monday to Arizona.

Airlines are allowing travelers to change plans, with no fees no matter how long ago they purchased their ticket. United Airlines, which I will be flying, says they have a team of in-house professionals who review and test cleaning products and a corporate medical team who are working around the clock.

One of the simplest ways to avoid the virus is with good old soap and water, and make sure you really scrub those hands.  Another piece of advice, stay away from anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19, and if you're the one with symptoms, stay home.

Bottom line, DON'T GIVE IN TO PANIC!  Just be smart and yes once again, wash your hands with soap and water.

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