The biggest question right now is when will things ever get back to normal? The best answer that I can give is one day at a time.

The coronavirus has so many people on edge right now because quite honestly, it is a scary time. Like they keep saying, stay home, stay safe!

One of the things the City of Lansing is discussing is a plan to resume parking operations city wide.

The city said the plan will help support businesses as they reopen and downtown workers as they begin to return to their place of work.

According to WILX, the City of Lansing is implementing a phased approach as they resume citywide parking operations.

Mayor Andy Schor said he wants to ensure that all of our residents, downtown workers, local businesses and their customers are aware of this timeline as they transition back to normal parking enforcement throughout the city.

Even when things do get back to normal in the downtown Lansing area, people will be more cautious than ever on doing the right thing to avoid any slight chance of being infected sometime down the road.

As you know, parking enforcement was suspended back when the city's state of emergency was first announced.

Starting Monday, May 18, maximum stay limits will be enforced. The city said anyone parking longer than the maximum stay, two hours on Washington Square, will be subject to a violation per ordinance.

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