How about ice skating in downtown Lansing? According to the Lansing State Journal, officials say it will happen, even though the skating surface will be a synthetic compound and not frozen water.

Laurie Baumer, executive vice president of the Community Foundation, said our community is hungry for safe things to do outdoors this winter, and this is a perfect way we can help keep families busy and our downtown vibrant for years to come. (LSJ)

I really like the idea of an ice skating rink in downtown Lansing. I can remember back in the '70s and '80s when the ice skating rink on S. Washington  was the place to go. It was such a popular spot and lots of ice skaters.

So now in 2021, the foundation plans to build a 3,300 square foot skating rink on City Hall Plaza beginning as soon as early February.

The plaza is at the corner of Capitol and Michigan avenues, across the street from the state Capitol.

Plans call for colorful lighting, benches, heaters and other amenities. And skate rental and concessions are possible in the future.

According to Lansing Mayor Andy Schor, the rink is a way to offer safe outdoor activities for Lansing residents to enjoy amid the COVID-19 pandemic..

As this is all coming together, the foundation is seeking sponsors who will be recognized on boards around the rink. (LSJ)

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