Last Saturday, a child supposedly INTENTIONALLY got into the gorilla pit at the Cincinnati zoo.

Intentional? It seems that he was having an argument with his mother, insisting that he wanted to go into the pit and was going to anyway, no matter what the parent said.

So once the parent's back was turned, into the pit he went. The gorilla dragged him by the leg and clothes a couple of times and even though it was somewhat over-aggressive, the ape showed signs of tenderness as well.

However, zoo officials deemed it necessary to shoot and kill the gorilla in order to save the boy from what could have been an unintentional death.

Now there is outrage on both sides:
SIDE A says the zoo should've done all they could to save both the gorilla and the boy, and that the killing was unnecessary.
SIDE B says the zoo did the right thing.

But people on both sides seem to feel the parent should be held responsible for the killing.

Where do YOU stand on this?

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