I was on vacation last week with my wife in Ludington and we had such a wonderful time.

We went to a new pizza place that we weren't too familiar with called "Chuckwagon Pizza." We decided to give it a try and wow, was it ever delicious.

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One of my Townsquare media co-workers told me about this place and said you have to go "Chuckwagon Pizza" in Ludington while you're there. So I said sure, we'll give it a shot.

And that's exactly what my wife and I did. We ordered their specialty pizza sometime after 4 p.m. and picked it up around 4:30 p.m. so we could take it back to our hotel.

What is "Chuckwagon's" specialty pizza? Here you go, direct from their menu, courtesy of chuckwagonpizza.net:


Is your stomach as big as your eyes? This baby’s loaded with onions, green peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni, ham and italian sausage.
Priced as 6 ingredient pizza

First things first, it was delicious and yes there were leftovers, which we ate the next morning when we woke up.

Chuckwagon Pizza has a great menu and they feature dine-in, take-out and delivery. They're located at 971 N. Lakeshore Dr. in Ludington. Chuckwagon Pizza is open every day from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m.

My wife and I loved their pizza and we did make a second trip back to their restaurant later in the week and placed an order for a grinder sandwich.

Chuckwagon Pizza not only features delicious pizza, but they have incredible tasty sandwiches as well.

Would you like to take a look at their menu? Chuckwagonpizza.net.

Looks good doesn't it? The next time you head northwest for your family summer vacation, make sure you visit "Chuckwagon Pizza" in Ludington. It's a small place with a big menu and great service.

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