This past Christmas Eve, someone took it upon themselves to drive though some of Detroit's mostly-abandoned neighborhoods, to see what they looked like for the holidays.

The result is a mixed bag of reactions.

Whereas these neighborhoods may be frightening to some, the fact that it is Christmas Eve puts them in a somewhat different light. Yes, there are empty, scary-looking houses, overgrown lots, garbage on the streets, dead trees.....but for some bizarre reason, a reaction of 'scary' takes a backseat.

You occasionally see a glimmer of celebration and a slight snowfall in these desolate 'hoods, making us well aware the spirit of the holidays live within us - no matter where we are or live.

Take a look at the photos – and then the video – below.



Inside the Abandoned Homes of a Detroit Neighborhood

Old Fashioned Michigan Christmas

Kids With Santa and Creepy Clauses

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