If anyone knows anything about chlorine tablets, that would be me.  I've had a pool for over ten years and can tell you that they are very expensive and in high demand.

One of the biggest things you need to pay for every single summer are chlorine tablets.  These tablets basically help keep your pool water free from any germs and diseases.

And the cost of chlorine tablets can be a little expensive at times.  Now that summer is just about here and everyone is ready for pool time fun, there happens to be a chlorine tablet shortage.

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According to the Detroit Free Press:

The shortage is due to increased demand for pool supplies during the pandemic and a chemical fire at a BioLab facility in Louisiana after Hurricane Laura that knocked out one of the country's three main chlorine manufacturers.

I can tell you in the past I would go to Meijer in Okemos and buy gallons and gallons of chlorine just to start killing everything in the pool just to get it ready for summer.  Then I would buy 5 gallon buckets of chlorine tablets to keep the pool running all summer long.

i would easily spend over one thousand dollars in chlorine costs and that does not include costs for other chemicals as well.

The Detroit Free Press also tells us:

"Since the pandemic started, there've been pools and backyards that weren't used for years and I can assure you that, last year, every pool was being utilized, from what we were seeing, and just the demand for every single thing in our stores is through the roof, and it's like nothing I've ever seen before after 28 years in the industry," said Scott Garden, general manager of Pool Town: Professional Pool Services in Redford, Michigan.

You have to wonder if Michigan pool owners will start hoarding chlorine tablets because of the current shortage.

According to the Detroit Free Press, there are plenty of swimming pool disinfectants to go around

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