This much-loved amusement park now lies overgrown in the woods, with a handful of old rides still standing, rusted, with trees growing out of 'em.

Before Michigan residents trekked all the way to Cedar Point for some amusement park fun, one of the places out-of-state we enjoyed was Chippewa Lake Park near Medina, Ohio.

Even though I write mainly about Michigan, I thought this closeby Ohio park would be of interest to the Michiganders who fondly recall driving down there for fun weekends.

Chippewa Lake Park lasted exactly 100 years before it closed down for good.

It began in 1878 as “Andrew's Pleasure Grounds”, basically a picnic area and beach. Rides were slowly added, with a roller coaster whose cars had to be pushed manually up to the top! In 1898 the park was sold to a new owner, re-naming it “Chippewa Lake Park”. It was successful for years until it was once gain sold in 1969. Failing to compete with nearby Cedar Point and Geauga Lake Park, the Chippewa Lake Park finally closed for good in 1978.

Out of 16 original amusements, only four are left standing to this day: the Ferris Wheel, Flying Cages, Little Dipper, and Tumblebug.

Demolition began in 2009 but ceased when attempts to sell the property failed.

Today, this old amusement park still attracts people: thrill-seekers, investigators, and the curious. The photos below show the remaining rides hidden within the woods, overgrown with trees and brush.

Take a look!



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