So my girlfriend and I go to eat at a local Chinese restaurant, okay? We arrive and there are maybe two or three tables with people at them...not a full crowd.

We seated ourselves and waited for quite awhile until this Asian waitress - in her 40's, maybe - finally came to the table. Assuming we wanted the buffet, she brought no menus...however, I wanted to order something off a menu so I asked for one. She brought ONE menu and set it down in front of my girlfriend, not me. She never once made eye contact or spoke to me.

Eventually, she took my girlfriend's order and abruptly walked away, not bothering to take mine! I'm sitting there thinking, WTF?

Seeing as I wasn't going to get any service, I grudgingly took the buffet. After awhile she came to our table and asked my girlfriend - NOT ME - how everything was, AGAIN refusing to address or look at me.

This went on all through the evening right up until she brought the check...and do you think she gave the check to ME? No....she gave it to my girlfriend. That did I went up to pay the check - alone - to see if this person would at least acknowledge my presence. What choice would she have, right? As I handed her the check & money, she turned, looked across the room at my girlfriend sitting at the table and yelled "HOW WAS EVERYTHING?" I was STILL getting no acknowledgement from this person!

So can any of you explain to me why this would happen? The only thing I can think of is: I had my hat on and maybe it's some weird thing about men wearing hats inside. I don't know. Anybody? Anything?