That’s right…

Chances are, you have already been north to witness for yourself the pie tin (complete with giant fake slice of pie) in Charlevoix that was used to make the “World’s Largest Cherry Pie” during America’s bicentennial in 1976…it weighed in at 17,420 pounds. setting a new world’s record. And I actually crawled inside that pie tin many years ago for a picture…

Then, in 1992, both Charlevoix and Traverse City lost out to a Canadian-baked cherry pie that weighed 37,740 pounds.But then, nearby Traverse City wasn’t going to let this rival city beat them at this. In 1987, Chef Pierre Bakeries created a cherry pie weighing 28,350 pounds, 15 feet in diameter, and listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest.

But at least the two largest pies in America are RIGHT HERE in Michigan and is worth seeing on a summer road trip!

CHARLEVOIX PIE:         6591 S. US Hwy 31
TRAVERSE CITY PIE (TIN):    3424 Cass Rd.

Spend your money in Michigan this summer!
(Why give your money to any place else?)



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