We all know people get passionate about their video games. They are competitive, smart and highly-skilled.

Now, students at Charlotte High School can show them off competitively at school and even earn their Varsity letters as Esports are now, according to FOX 47, deemed an official sport by the school's athletic department.

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Started as a Club, Now We Here

FOX 47 reports that in the 2017-2018 school year, a video game club was started by Teacher Mike Baker.

Now, Baker is the coach of the team that FOX reports has 16 student athletes and more expected in the spring season.

Before the team was officially a team, still operating as a club, they played against other schools and became part of the Michigan High School Esports Federation.

How the Team Works

According to FOX 47, the team has official, after school practices two times a week. Students do have to try out and the team really tries to focus on video games that require teamwork to successfully play.

"This fall students are competing in the vehicular soccer game Rocket League and the first-person shooter game Valorant," FOX 47 reports. 

Finding Success in a Nontraditional Sport

"I think it’s a great way to get kids involved that aren’t necessarily in a traditional academic or athletic path," Baker said about the Esports team.

Baker even told FOX 47 that colleges are calling and looking for seniors who might be interested in joining their Esports teams.

While many colleges started out, just like Charlotte High School did, with video game clubs, FOX 47 said there are now several colleges and universities here in Michigan that also have Esports teams for college athletes!

We love to see how video games, something that many are passionate about and highly-skilled in are now being included for students all over the state and can't wait to see what these teams do competitively.

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