When we think of trees right now, we think of fall and we think of raking and bagging leaves. Even though most people don't care about raking leaves, trees add so much beauty to our homes, not to mention community landscaping as well.

According to WILX, Meridian Township's Central Park South has some new trees on its landscape.

Students from the Okemos High School Action Club planted 20 trees after Meridian Township was awarded a $2,000 grant to purchase 20 trees.

Consumers Energy's Community Tree Planting Grant Program gives funds to local municipalities with tree planting projects that focus on appropriate selection of tree species and planting locations on public land.

The new trees will give aesthetic and environmental value along the entrance of Central Park South where other projects are slated for completion in 2020.

I haven't seen these beautiful trees yet, but I plan on doing so sometime this week. Since I live in Okemos, anytime something is done to enhance our community, I want to take the time to appreciate all of the hard work that went in to planting those trees.

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