If anyone ever asked me what my favorite breakfast meal is, I would have to say French Toast.  Sure I enjoy oatmeal once in a while and even pancakes too, but French Toast is the best.

According to USA Today, big celebrations may be off the table this year, but you can still enjoy the flavors of spring by preparing a simple brunch spread with delicious dishes to impress your family.

By the way, I'm certainly not an expert when it comes to preparing delicious homemade dishes.  I would rather eat the food than prepare it.

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USA Today tells us these brunch worthy recipes are perfect for any spring celebration:

1.  Brioche French Toast.  This recipe uses thick slices of ALDI exclusive Specially Selected Sliced Brioche to soak up a sweet, custardy mixture.  This fluffy French toast is so good when served with juicy berries, homemade whipped cream and a light dusting of powdered sugar.  (USA Today)

2.  Sausage and 3 Cheese Bread Pudding.  In USA Today, this recipe combines three ALDI exclusive varieties of cheese with spicy sausage, eggs and torn Specially Selected Brioche Rolls to create a hearty brunch casserole.  You can also soak the bread overnight to save time in the morning.

3.  Eggs and Croissant Brunch Bake.  If you love cheesy eggs, caramelized onions, brown sugar ham, organic spinach and bakery style croissants, then this is for you.  USA Today tells us that it calls for the delicious Appleton Farms Spiral Sliced Double Glazed Brown Sugar Ham.  Just pour the ingredients into the casserole dish, stick it in the oven and it'll be ready in no time.

Alright, is anyone hungry yet?  All of this talk about food is making me so hungry right about now.  If you would like a few more brunch recipes that are perfect for any spring celebration, find them right here at USA Today.

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