Quite a bundle of celebrities we lost this past month...take a look below and see this short list:


Courtesy of Columbia Records

KAY STARR, singer (“Rock & Roll Waltz”), Nov. 3 (94)

JANET RENO, former attorney general, Nov. 7 (78)

LEONARD COHEN, singer/songwriter, poet, Nov. 7 (82)

AL CAIOLA, guitarist (“Bonanza” theme), Nov. 9 (96)

ROBERT VAUGHN, actor (“The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”), Nov. 11 (83)

LUPITA TOVAR, actress (Universal Pictures' 1931 Spanish version of “Dracula”), No. 12 (106)

Courtesy of Shelter Records

LEON RUSSELL, rock singer, songwriter, producer, musician, Nov. 13 (74)

MOSE ALLISON, musician, singer/songwriter (“Young Man Blues”), Nov. 15 (89)

JERRY TUCKER, child actor, member of “The Little Rascals (Our Gang),” Nov. 23 (91)

FLORENCE HENDERSON, actress (mom on “The Brady Bunch”), Nov. 24 (82)

Courtesy of Flare Records

AL BRODAX, film producer (the Beatles' “Yellow Submarine” film), Nov. 24 (90)

RON GLASS, actor (Detective Harris on “Barney Miller”), Nov. 25 (71)

FIDEL CASTRO, politician, Nov. 25 (90)

FRITZ WEAVER, actor (Stephen King's “Creepshow”), Nov. 26 (90)

Thanks to all who entertained us over the years!