Some surprising losses the last couple of months.....they include:

March 3:
DAVID OGDEN STIERS, Major Winchester on M*A*S*H, 75

March 6:
DONNA BUTTERWORTH, actress (The Family Jewels with Jerry Lewis), 62

March 14:

March 23:
DELORES TAYLOR, actress (Billy Jack), 85

April 8:
CHUCK McCANN, 83, American voice actor

April 13:
ART BELL, 72, American author and radio host

April 15:
R. LEE ERMEY, 74, American actor (Full Metal Jacket)

April 16:
HARRY ANDERSON, 65, American actor (Night Court)

April 17:
BARBARA BUSH, 92, American political matriarch, First lady

April 20:
AVICII, 28, Swedish musician

April 21:
VERNE TROYER, 49, American actor (“Mini-Me” in Austin Powers)

Thanks to all for the ways they served the American public...