You can own a piece of Cedar Point history right now.

The inverted roller coaster at Cedar Point, Wicked Twister, first opened at the park on May 5th, 2002. At the time it was the tallest and fastest inverted coaster in the world. Now, 20 years and 16 million rides later, Wicked Twisted is just a memory for riders. The coaster was retired by Cedar Point on September 6th, 2021, and dismantled shortly after.

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Some roller coasters get rebranded and moved to other parks, however, that was not the fate for Wicked Twister. Cedar Point tore down the ride and is now selling pieces of the track to roller coaster fans and enthusiasts.

To celebrate 20 Years of Thrills, Cedar Point is now selling limited edition track slices from Wicked Twister. For just $215, Wicked Twister fans can own a 1.5" piece of the Wicked Twister track with a stand, commemorative photos, and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Carrie Boldman, the Vice President and General Manager of Cedar Point. Be sure to act fast though as only 1,000 of these limited edition bundles are available. Each bundle is individually numbered with a limit of one per transaction.

To commemorate Wicked Twister, even more, Cedar Point is also selling Wicked Twister 20 Years of Thrills tee shirts, canvas prints of the ride, and commemorative buttons. This would be a cool piece for any roller coaster fanatic in your family or group of friends. To see purchase your piece of history or to check out other Cedar Point news and merchandise, click here. 

Source: Cedar Point

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