According to the Lansing State Journal, the Capital Area Transportation Authority is getting $1.8 million in federal money to rehabilitate its downtown Lansing depot.

Safety protocol will include improving safety, increasing accessibility for passengers and making needed repairs.

During the spring or early summer of 2021 is when construction will begin at the terminal in downtown Lansing. It will run through late winter or early spring of 2022.

CATA spokesperson Lolo Robison said, "maintenance has been ongoing, but rehabilitation must be completed to ensure state of good repair, as defined by Federal Transit Administration." (LSJ)

Improving bus and transportation infrastructure across Michigan is part of $28.7 million in federal funds. This is where the money will go for CATA's depot upgrade.

Some of the improvements will include:

1. Renovating the building exterior.

2. Interior improvements.

3. Removal and replacement of concrete at the northeast corner to correct grade for vehicles.

4. Replacement of exterior door hardware.

This of course will be a major project where the timeline will be based on when the federal funds are sent to CATA.

"CATA is one of five Michigan agencies receiving the funds to help replace, rehabilitate or purchases buses and construct facilities." (LSJ)

CATA received $18.3 million in July, from the Federal Transit Authority, funded through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, to support its services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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