Did you know the Cascades Falls colored lights show in Jackson was the inspiration for the alien contact method in Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"? At least, that's what is believed. Steven Spielberg has stated that he got the inspiration for the synchronized alien colored lights & music tones from a "colored waterfall lights show in the Midwest"...

So last night (Sunday, Aug. 23) I visited the Cascades in Jackson for the light show...the shows happen all year long, from Memorial Day to Labor Day; it kicks off this time of year around 9:40pm.

Great night for it...cool breeze, no skeeters...perfect.

I realize that the Cascades can become old hat for local residents but the light show really is a unique thing to take the kids to. I know I'm not saying anything that Jacksonians don't already know, but maybe some out-of-towners will read this and decide to take a trip to the Cascades before Labor Day is over.

The museum tells the story of the colored falls and you'll find out more about it than what it appears to be...get there before the season's over.

And the popcorn's tasty, too.