Last year around this time, people were getting tickets for warming up their cars...IN THEIR OWN DRIVEWAYS.

Was this a legitimate statewide-Michigan law? YES IT WAS. And I use the past tense...WAS.

After all the hoopla last winter, with hundreds of Michiganders complaining about this 'law', it was finally rescinded and we can now legally - with no fear of getting a ticket - warm up our vehicles in our own driveways.

In the last week of June 2017, Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill into law that obliterated the previous administrative rule.

To read the complete mlive article, CLICK HERE.

Under the former law, motorists could be cited for leaving an unattended car idling in a driveway unless that vehicle was locked and equipped with a remote starting mechanism. The rule specified that "a person who has control or charge of a motor vehicle shall not allow the vehicle to stand unattended on any street or any other place without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition, and removing and taking possession of the key," based on information from the House and Senate fiscal agencies.

Well, we don't have to read all this gobbledygook for least, until they reverse the law AGAIN. But for now, feel free to warm up your cars in the driveway.

And if you STILL get a ticket, let me know.


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