We have one of Michigan's most historic buildings right in our midst...yet, there are still so many of us who have not taken advantage of a tour of the State Capitol Building here in Lansing.

Did you know some consider Sault Ste. Marie to be the first (unofficial) state capitol from wayyy back in the 1600's?

And Fort Michilimackinac - which is now in the area known as Mackinaw City - was also considered by some to be the state's (unofficial) legislative base?

And Detroit was actually the state capitol for a short number of years?

Our capitol city history is 100% interesting for all ages.

Click the video above, take the tour and find out some fascinating history about our capitol buildings.....the original building & site as well as the one we all now know!

Once you're finished watching, find out how to schedule a tour of your own at council.legislature.mi.gov by CLICKING HERE.