The middle-aged man who refers to himself as "Captain Jackson" has been around now for a handful of decades, patrolling the streets & alleyways of downtown Jackson.

Young children and strangers to the area who first lay eyes on CJ in his purple uniform, usually exclaim "Batman!" until a passerby straightens them out.

In Captain Jackson's early days as a caped crusader, he went around the front & back doors of local establishments, rattling doorknobs to make sure they were safely locked...but much to the chagrin of the local police, this rattling-of-doorknobs set off burglar alarms.

CJ has endured these many years, not because of serious crimefighting, or saving lives, or even a steady paycheck. He's lasted this long because of his love of the city of Jackson. Many people enjoy him, many others are ready for him to pack it in and become a normal city resident. Either way, whenever he appears downtown or at functions, there's always a handful of people who want to get their picture taken with him.

So what's his super-power?

I guess if you have to give CJ a super-power, it should be PERSISTENCE. After all the years of criticism, catcalls, personal problems, ridicule, a black eye or two from a surly drunk.....he still walks the town, alerting the authorities to any mischief & wrongdoing he comes across.....which is not a bad thing.

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