From approximately 1949-1964, the Capitol City Speedway (often misspelled as "capital") thrilled Mid-Michigan fans.

Visiting the grounds of the old speedway, you’d never know one existed there (check out the photo gallery below to see pictures of how it looks like today). No trace of the track exists anymore...Buck's All Repair Service now sits on the site where the track once was.

Yes, we have Michigan International Speedway. Yes, we have Spartan Speedway. But who can ignore the contributions made by the Capitol City Speedway all those years?

The gallery below shows how it looks now...and for pictures of how it looked way back when, including pics of ol’ 74 aflame, some great stock cars, old ads and more, go to by CLICKING HERE.

Located in the Northwest corner of Creyts Rd. & Lansing Rd. between Westland Way & Empire Way, the venue still holds special to the ones who raced and attended. Great summer fun! Maybe not as slick as MIS, but wasn’t that one of the GREAT things about it? It was something straight outta “American Graffiti”!

Drive by sometime!