So 2020 has been a crap shoot and a roller coaster on steroids in a tornado so to speak. We've been dealing with this pandemic and all that comes with it since the beginning of the year. So we've been looking for a pocket or glimmer of hope in some shape, form, or fashion for a while now.

Call it a combination made out of necessity, fate throwing us a bone, whatever. But I'll take it. Cause this one has me excited.

Some good news in the form of a new cereal. A new coffee flavored cereal. Wait. 2 coffee flavored cereals. And they have caffeine in them. Bonus and winner winner breakfast cereal all the way around.

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Introducing Dunkin (as in donuts) coffee flavored cereal. We have mocha latte and caramel macchiato.

The Caramel Macchiato cereal contains cereal pieces and caramel-swirled marshmallows so you get the same creamy flavor as you do with the iconic coffee drink. The Mocha Latte cereal has a hint of chocolate cereal pieces and latte-swirled marshmallows so it's perfect for coffee and chocolate fans alike. (Delish)

So coffee flavored cereal, with marshmallows, and caffeine?

And now wait. Just so you don't think I'm hyping things up too much, let's talk about exactly HOW MUCH caffeine we're dealing with.

OK, you'll probably still need your morning coffee to help you get through the day but each cereal contains the caffeine in roughly a 10th of a cup of coffee, according to the brand, so, um, it's something! (Delish)

I can't wait to try these. Hopefully they aren't too sweet. And I pray there's a french vanilla one on the way. Maybe a hazelnut? A Nutella version? Too much?

Take a look at some reviews and hold your horses until the end of August. We're going to have to do a taste test on the air.

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