In the southeast corner of Michigan's Shiawassee County, it seems the small town of Byron has it's share of spooky stuff goin' on...

The most popular tale is the legend of the McGuire House on Vernon Road.

According to, the house was occupied by a farmer named Nick Bradon, who was killed one day while plowing his field. It seems he fell off his tractor and the plow blades ran over him, ripping him apart.

Since Mr. Bradon's death, the house became occupied by others. These occupants have reported strange occurrences that they swear are paranormal. The usual stuff occurs, like the sound of disembodied footsteps, lights turning themselves on & off and rocking chairs that rock while no one is sitting in them.

While sleeping in the upstairs bedrooms, occupants say they have awakened during the night to see shadowy human shapes watching over them as they lie in bed.

NOW...according to the stories of a few people of Byron, other, non-related creepy things have happened to them...these people have reported the happenings themselves on Here are some of what they claim:

More than one person has claimed to see the ghost of "Old Lady Byron"...a woman who mourned the death of her husband by dressing in black and walking through town. After she passed away, her lightly glowing ghost has been spotted on her way to the cemetery on various nights.....but she wasn't was more like "floating" with her feet not touching ground.

Floating green lights have been seen in the Byron cemetery, usually between 7pm-10pm.

Other residents say they've had paranormal activity in their own homes.
(Read those tales as written in their own words at by CLICKING HERE.)

Pay Byron a visit sometime soon..but be respectful of the residents.....and the ghosts.

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