Well, now...here's a stumper.

This little area in the southern part of Hillsdale County has a name, but where's the information on it? It's called a 'ghost town' but there wasn't much of a town to it. It's called 'Buckeye' because of it's closeness to the Ohio border in Amboy Township and it sits out in the countryside with only a 1930 atlas as a reminder.

Buckeye once had a few one-room schools in the area and a couple of churches, according to old atlases which you will see in the gallery below.

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The only...and I mean only information I could muster up on Buckeye is that it was mainly a postal station eighteen miles south of Hillsdale. The post office opened on May 22, 1898 with Joseph H. Edinger as the first (and maybe only) postmaster. The post office closed just four years later, on May 31, 1902.

The gallery below shows only one atlas that lists 'Buckeye'...the others do not. I was lucky to find the only possible photo of Buckeye, which appears to be of the post office...no mention of it being a general store, even though it could have doubled as one. I copied different angles of it to get a few closeups, but this one photo is all I could find.

So here's the thing – if anyone reading this can shed more light on his seemingly elusive little place, it would be appreciated. Meantime, if you're roadtripping down that way, do a drive-thru and discover what you can...if there is anything left.

Take a look at the few photos below...

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