Bronson, Michigan was a big deal.

A big enough deal that Al Capone would come here and hang out at the hotel on the corner of N. Matteson & W/E Chicago Street. The town was popular thanks to it's location halfway on Michigan's now-historic US-12 between Chicago & Detroit - a perfect place for distributors, truckers, businessmen...and gangsters to relax.

Unfortunately, the hotel was torn down and now there stands a lone gazebo. The town still sports many, many old houses, over 100 years old and still standing, still somewhat inhabitable...but some inhabitants are seemingly paranormal.

Heading north on N. Matteson Rd past the bars is an old house that's said to be haunted by a young female spirit. According to, a woman who was living in the house said her jewelry would sometimes be missing; when she asked the spirit to give back the jewelry, it would appear in the exact same spot where it originally was placed.

This spirit seemed to have mood swings...she would throw flour all over the floor and break windows. The woman's boyfriend came over one night; they got into an argument, and the lady ghost began throwing CD's at the man. From then on, he believed.

Also, states, "four different people were in the living room one night and all of them saw an orb go around the room. Finally it went to the upstairs. After (the woman) moved out of the house, her friend then moved in. She had the same kinds of experiences."

The residents of another old house in Bronson say a baby was/is buried in their basement, one of those old Michigan cellars with a dirt floor. The grave is marked with a tombstone and the members of the family say they have heard a baby crying in the basement late at night.

Bronson is full of history, old buildings.....and evidently, haunted houses. The photo gallery shows pictures of some of the abandoned buildings and old houses.
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