When Britney Spears released her sensual video for 'Perfume,' in which she plays the hottest "other woman" on Earth, her fans went nuts. They loved it, of course -- it's Godney! But they wanted more. After clamoring for a director's cut, Joseph Kahn finally relented ... sort of.

After Brit's fans launched a petition to get the director's cut of the clip released, Kahn, who was rumored to be irritated that his sultry, dark original version got scrapped for a duller, tamer video, posted the above clip ... and it sent fans into an even bigger tizzy.

It's footage from the original 'Perfume' video, spliced with snippets of Spears' most famous ex, Justin Timberlake's, new video for 'TKO,' composed by a fan.

Kahn tweeted about his frustrations with the original video being swept under the rug:

'Breaking Badney?' Considering part of Spears' notorious breakdown was rumored to be attributed to crystal meth, it sort of makes sense that her team may not want that reminder going public.