Can you believe that bowling centers have been closed for about six months? They have now officially been reopened in Michigan.

This post is right up my alley when it comes to a sport I've been playing for quite some time now. But the question here is how to stay safe by social distancing while participating in league play? Or is there going to be more than league play?

According to WILX, "for now, the only bowlers allowed back on the lanes are supposed to be for organized sports. For some bowling centers, the Governor's definition of that isn't clear enough."

Dave Spohn, a manager at Royal Scot Golf & Bowl, "said it does not seem clear to me. It really seems open to interpretation."  (WILX)

I know Dave Spohn personally and let me just say Dave is an incredible bowler and he runs the Mr. K's Pro Shop at Royal Scot Golf & Bowl.

Royal Scot has decided to come up with their own competition that will allow the public to play.

We all know bowling is fun but when you think of the fact that bowling has been closed for six months, I like the fact that they want to come up with something fun for everyone who loves to bowl.

Dave Spohn said "we have organized competition kind of to move open bowlers into a format that is competitive and organized, which meets the criteria for the state." (WILX)

As you know, the state has released new guidelines for gyms, fitness centers and bowling alleys.

Facility owners are required to keep record of everyone who comes in. They are also asked to regularly disinfect equipment and ensure ventilation is working properly.

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