When is all this nit-picking, namby-pamby crybaby stuff gonna stop?

Now, anyone caught driving slow in the fast lane will get a ticket for a $500 fine. No joke.

Yeah, I admit it gets frustrating when a slowpoke hogs the left lane and won't let you pass...but is it REALLY necessary to make this another lame law? Aren't people getting the correct driver's education? Apparently not, otherwise there wouldn't be a need for THIS stupid move. There should be some other solution - other than road rage - for left-lane roadhogs...but not a LAW, for pete's sake.

What would YOU suggest as a solution? I have's a stumper...and a very frustrating one at that. But it seems as if another one of our freedoms is taking a dump (even though it admittedly is a frustrating thing) due to a crybaby LAW.

C'mon, Mr. Judicial that the BEST you can do?