The small town of Willis lies in Washtenaw County, southeast of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. It's a pretty good size for a little town, with some old storefronts that have been converted into homes and decent population.

But on the corner of Willis Road and Meridian Street is an establishment that seems to have some paranormal activity - the Bone Head's BBQ.

This eatery was built way back in the 1860's and had it's share of different owners & businesses: butcher shop, coach shop, ice house and post office. Even so, there is no recorded history that says there was any deaths or sinister happenings on the property.....but for some reason ghosts have made their presence known.

When the Bone Head's BBQ opened in 2009, the activity began. The apparition of an old woman with her hair pulled back in a bun has been seen upstairs. It's believed that the woman could have been a past owner who lived above the store.

Another ghost is that of a young female who seems to have set up residence in the ladies' bathroom. Maybe the bathroom was this girl's bedroom many years ago?

The sightings were one thing, but when items like vases began getting broken by unseen hands, the owners decided to have a talk with the spirits, telling them their business intentions were on the up & up. Was this place once used as a brothel and the female ghosts were trying to discourage the appearance of another?

Find out for yourself by paying a visit to the Bone Head's BBQ, then drive through the town as well. It's a charming town with some cool small-town stuff to see!

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