Michigan's former lumber town of Bolton still has some cool old buildings standing among all the history found there.

Bolton can be found 12 miles northwest of Alpena next to the abandoned tracks of the Detroit & Mackinac Railway. It's listed as an "unincorporated community" and still found on maps.

The town was named after businessman Henry Bolton who owned a general store in Alpena in 1866; after socking away enough money, he began operating a lumber firm with Donal McRae in 1871, specializing in cedar.

With more businesses booming and the population growing, the town soon boasted a dry goods store, general store, grocery, post office, saloon, saw mill, school and shingle mill.

By 1905 the town's population was 250...but the lumber dwindled, the income lessened and people began leaving to pick up their lives elsewhere. By 1910 the population was down to 150. The post office, which began operation in 1880, shut down for good in 1955.

Bolton is located in Maple Ridge Township, Alpena County. The current population is unknown and has not been included in the census for many decades. There is little to see here and even less to do; but there are a few old buildings left that'll make great photo ops.

Make this quaint little Michigan ghost town a part of your next Michigan roadtrip!

Check out the photos of Bolton below.


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