As any fan of Michigan Rock SHOULD know, Bob Seger and Glenn Frey started their music careers simultaneously right here in Michigan. They were buddies who performed and recorded together for a brief time in the 1960' fact, Frey sang backing vocals and performed acoustic guitar on Seger's 1968 hit "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man."

To commemorate the anniversary of the passing of his friend (January 18), Seger has written and released a new song, titled "Glenn Song" (not "GLENN'S Song") that you can listen to by clicking the video above.

Frey had been in a few local bands in his hometown of Royal Oak and met Seger in 1967; they became friends and Bob even wrote a song for Glenn's 1967 band, The Mushrooms, titled "Such A Lovely Child." Check out this song from 50 years ago below!

Glenn was all set to join Bob's band...but his mom stepped in and prevented him from joining, thanks to her discovery about the two boys smoking weed.

Courtesy of Hideout records
Courtesy of Hideout Records

In the late 60's, Glenn moved to California but the friendship between the two never faltered. Check out both of the above songs in honor of Bob's late friend (and fellow Michigander) who died January 18, 2016.














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