This is a weird one.....
"The Legend of the Bloody Hand" at Our Lady of the Visitation Church in Bay City.

The legend says that a severed bloody hand has appeared in the church, mostly in the basement and sacristy, where worship items are kept and priests prepare for the service.

While some witnesses claim the hand is a ghostly pale that disappears quickly, others say they've seen it in 'living color' complete with blood dripping from the severed stump.

But where did this ghost-hand originate from? Who lost their hand and why? The origin of the bloody hand seems to have been lost in time but the urban legend - as well as occasional sightings - remain.

To this day, the origin of the Bloody Hand remains unexplainable, and there's another occurrence that remains just as baffling: the church bells. As unfathomable as the Bloody Hand may be, the occurrence of the bells is 100% true: they would ring ON THEIR OWN every day at 5pm. The townspeople all heard this and it got to a point where they finally had to remove the bells completely, just a few years ago. No one has ever been able to explain why they rang on their own, every day, at the same time.

The church is located at 1106 State Street, Bay City, on the corner of State and Smith Streets.

Pay a visit.

..and as with any reportedly haunted place you visit, whether a building or cemetery, always treat it with respect and leave it the way you found it. Always get permission for any place that is locked or closed.


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