In all the "Haunted Michigan" stuff I've researched over the last few years, I'm wondering if this is just an urban legend or if there's some truth behind it. Since I've never heard these details before, I'm also wondering if it was made up. I need someone from the area to let me know if there is any basis to the following.....

There's an old farmhouse in Fowlerville that holds a secret.

Just outside the Fowlerville village limits sits an old farmhouse - built in 1852 - that has a mysterious past...the details of which remain a buried secret.

According to, newlyweds bought the old house in 1968 and right away began to get spooked. They found dark blood-type stains splattered on the staircase; as they attempted to wash the stains away, they realized their efforts were in vain...they would not wash off.

The couple also witnessed doors slamming shut by themselves, pictures moving & falling off the wall and the vacuum cleaner gliding across the floor on it's own. If the couple had visitors stop over, more poltergeist activity followed soon if the spirits were retaliating against strangers entering their domain.

While the wife was away one night, the husband was relegated to stay all alone in the house...and was chased out the door by a ghost.

The couple stayed long enough to have a child; when the boy was old enough to talk, he would tell his parents of his newly-acquired 'unseen friend' that he could talk to. The ghost evidently told the boy his name....."Arnold."

So where is this old farmhouse?
Is it still standing?
Does anyone in Fowlerville know the tale and why this old farmhouse is haunted.....IF it hasn't been demolished?

Or is this legend just a bunch of rubbish made up by someone with too much time on their hands?

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