Tiny homes have been trending in a big way in recent years with people from all walks of life.

Whether you are a young college student, an adventurous couple, someone who is more minimalist in nature or just simply someone who loves to live alone in a more quaint space, whoever you are or whatever your reasons, tiny homes are a cozy, creative way to live!

If you are searching for a tiny house to live in there are tons of places to look, all over the world, actually! Websites like Tiny House Listings can show you places anywhere your heart desires, even right here in Michigan.

While poking around trying to find a tiny home that would be cute enough to peak my own interest, this adorable gem in Sand Lake came along!

Lister "hauser_kyle" has this "Mobile. Modern. Minimal." home for sale on Tiny House Listings for $50,000.

One thing that makes this tiny house even more unique is that it is on wheels and can go wherever you are! It's like a camper but, as the listing put it, it's a mobile "320 square foot custom tiny house with a modern rustic style."

Maybe tiny homes aren't your thing but surely we can agree this place is adorable! I, for one, know I could never last in a tiny house without losing my mind but I can't deny this place made me think about it (even for half a second).

Now compare 320 square feet to over 10,000 with this look at the most expensive home listing in Lansing:

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