How freakin' stupid does someone have to be before they learn?

This 18-year-old kid tries to show off by kissing a poisonous water moccasin on the lips...the snake, who obviously had no sexual desire for the young moron, bit him on the lip. I mean, what did this dumb kid expect? He captured the snake while swimming one day and kept it in his girlfriend's pillow case.....already off to a bad start.

Bureaus are investigating the incident...but what's to investigate? This gonad kid did something totally brainless, he got bit, his picture is all over the news and his reputation as an idiot has been cemented into history. So what's to investigate?

Oh.....he didn't have a PERMIT to legally capture venomous snakes. I see....

Check out a video of this twerp and read more by CLICKING HERE.