Okay...so I'm told that Wilderness State Park in northern Michigan is home to many Bigfoot sightings.

Back in 1989, a woman was hiking near the Porcupine Mountain part of the park. She had been all alone on the trail for over an hour, not even coming across any other hikers. She finally saw a figure cross the path in front of her about 100 yards away. As she came closer, she realized this was not another hiker...or jogger...or even a human. This pitch-dark being had glaring yellow eyes that stared right at her until it decided to keep going deeper into the woods. It was at this point she realized she saw a creature...a sasquatch, bigfoot or yeti...whatever name you prefer.

In 2009, there were reports that campers/hikers "smelled" the essence of real bad body odor that hit 'em in the face as if they slammed into a wall. Footprints, sasquatch "nests" and other clues that point to a bigfoot existence were also reported to authorities. Read what happened to one man and his family with THEIR sasquatch encounters at phantomsandmonsters.com.

Residents of the area as well as park employees don't dispute the talk that say Wilderness State Park is a haven for sasquatches.

So I figured there have been enough bigfoot "sightings" in Wilderness Park that I thought I'd delve into the deep, dark woods of Wilderness myself, off the beaten paths and into the thick of it. and go squatchin'.

I did NOT see anything that looked like a Bigfoot.
I did NOT find any piles of Bigfoot poop.
I did NOT smell any mutantly horrific body odor.
I did NOT hear any bizarre screeching or wailing that some attribute to Bigfeet.

What I DID find, however, were the makings of what some would call a sasquatch "nest." Near this 'nest' were a couple of piles of branches & limbs that looked like they were gathered and stored to be used as part of the 'nest.' Take a look at the photos above and see for yourself. I even got INSIDE one of these "nests"  for a picture. Cozy, indeed.

I personally feel that while it is very POSSIBLE there could be some kind of undiscovered creature in the wild, I don't think it's very PROBABLE. So I definitely have doubts.

But if what I'm posing with in the photos above can be connected with the Bigfoot community, so be it. Like I said...it IS possible.

But I can't really believe it unless I see an ACTUAL creature.....right?

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