Welp, here we go with yet another "authentic" sasquatch sighting.

Earlier this year, a hiker "somewhere" in Michigan just happened to be traipsing through the woods and came across a man in an ape suit....er, a Bigfoot...and recorded it for all of us to enjoy and smirk at (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

According to Sasquatch Central, "a Michigan hiker got very close to a supposed sasquatch and recorded it...there could be a few reasons he got as close as he did; it could be that the sasquatch was luring the hiker away or it was hearing impaired."

Now I'm not saying there isn't such a creature as a sasquatch, or bigfoot, or yeti, or abominable snowman or whatever...but if there IS, then there would be some credible video and/or photos by now. All footage we see is usually blurry and jumpy (most of the time the bad quality is on purpose so we can't make out that it's really a human in a fuzzy costume).

Yes, there are clear stills of a supposed creature, but those are obviously humans in a costume or computer-generated images. If they were real, it would be HUGE worldwide news.

So, take a gander at the stills below then watch the video from which they came. Is there such a creature in the deep Michigan wilderness? If it was going to be found anywhere, it would be somewhere in northern Michigan, for sure.


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