More and more "Bigfoot" sightings here in Michigan. This time, a guy in the Midland area claims he saw Bigfoot wandering around his backyard eating pizza. What a big snore this is getting to be...and the "evidence" is never compelling:
1) HAIR. Could be from almost any animal.
2) FOOTPRINT. Usually faked; change of weather stretches out prints as well.
3) PICTURE: Usually faked as well.
4) VIDEO: See 2 & 3.
5) LAIR/DEN: Big bushes, stacks of branches or small caves do NOT mean it's a Sasquatch lair.
6) POOP. Again, scat can be from most ANY animal...or human.
7) AUDIO OF HOWL. Anyone can fake a howl.
If there is a creature then WHY hasn't there been any real proof in all these decades? I do believe it is POSSIBLE there could be something out there but I don't believe it's PROBABLE. There are die-hards who truly believe in this creature - and I kinda hope there really IS something - but unless I see an actual photo - or see a Bigfoot in person - I have to blow off most "evidence" as garbage (but I still hope they'll find something for real).

Keystone/Getty Images