A shipwreck from 150 years ago has washed up on the beach thanks to gale-force winds in Leelanau  County off Lake Michigan.

The 2 masted schooner named the Jennie & Annie met its demise some 150 years ago, but MLive pointed out that Mother Nature has a way of bringing up things from the past, and in this case it was a shipwreck.

The discovery of the ship began after heavy wave action along with shifting sands. Every few years this sort of thing happens and it is then a Maritime history lesson.

The Jennie & Annie is, well what remains of it is, a 137 foot wooden ship and it was discovered along the shore line near Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Kim Kelderhouse, who is the curator of collections for the Leelanau Historical Society Museum. She and her husband were curious to see if what they had heard as true. A walk along and they saw a big chunk of the ships wreckage floating just off the shoreline.

I think Kelderhouse said it best "The past is still very much apart of our world and shipwrecks are a tangible reminder of that."

"They remind us that history is all around us, not just in the past."

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