Summer weather can be hot at times with temps in the 80's, which means many of us are looking for ways to simply cool off.  In Michigan, that's easy.  Here are several ways to chill during the sweltering moments of summer.

1.  Jump in the lake.  Any lake will do, and Michigan has 11,000 inland lakes to choose from.  But if you can get yourself to a Great Lake, the results will be anything from refreshing to downright bracing.

2.  Slurp up a cool Michigan flavor.  7-Eleven made a Slurpee out of Michigan's favorite ginger ale, Vernors, last summer;  it introduced a Faygo Red Pop Slurpee this past March.  Now it's rolling out a Faygo Rock & Rye version.  The icy cold drink will be available at 300 Michigan and Ohio 7-Eleven stores starting this month.

3.  Skate it off.  It might be over 80 degrees outside, but stepping into a skating rink is like walking into a nice, cool refrigerator.  You'll probably burn off enough calories to have one of those Rock & Rye Slurpees or a nice ice cream cone.