There are so many great teachers in Michigan who are nothing short of fantastic. Ten best teachers here in Michigan have been chosen as finalists for teacher of the year.

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The teachers are finalists for the Michigan Teacher of the Year award, a program organized by MDE to honor and elevate teachers' voices. "The regional Teachers of the Year play key roles in their schools and communities and in our statewide effort to improve our schools," said State Superintendent Michael Rice.

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If you would like to take a look at the list of the regional teachers of the year, please click on the above link.

Writing this article got me to thinking about a couple of my favorite teachers during my Jr. High and High School years right here in the Lansing area.

When I was in the 9th grade at Gardner Jr. High school, I had a great English teacher by the name of Mr. Hotchkiss.

Mr. Hotchkiss was a very good English teacher and the entire class learned so much from him. He would always tell stories about one of his college buddies named "The Beast."

Whether any of it was true or not, Mr. Hotchkiss always had our full attention with his wild stories about his crazy college buddy. Couldn't wait to get to his class.

Another one of my favorite teachers was a man by the name of Mr. Bortz. He was my band teacher at Gardner Jr. High school.

Mr. Bortz was incredible. He was a great band teacher who took his time with all students to make them better at whatever instrument they were playing in Jr. High school.

I remember playing a song called "Cactus Jack" when we went to school band competitions. I actually received a medal for playing that song on my Baritone.

After that competition, Mr. Bortz started calling me "Cactus Jack" in school and it always made me smile.

Congratulations to the regional teachers of the year and thank you very much for making a huge difference in the lives of so many grateful students.

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