When it comes to 4th of July fireworks, are you kinda ho-hum about it?
You know, “gosh - more fireworks…I’ve never seen THEM before”

Or do you get really excited?
“Come on let’s go! We havta get there and get a good spot!”
“But it’s seven o’clock in the morning and it’s just down the street.”
“Doesn’t matter! C’mon, c’mon, let’s go!!!”

It’s hard to outgrow fireworks. You may try to hide your awe by acting (what you think is) cool, but deep down, that little kid inside you is – to quote Loverboy - lovin’ every minute of it.

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No doubt you have seen articles elsewhere of the best places to view fireworks. Every person who enjoys fireworks has their favorite place…including me. So, from personal experience, I’m gonna tell you the absolute BEST place in Michigan to view fireworks. This is a hard place to beat.

Sitting on the beach in Mackinaw City, you can see THREE spectacular firework displays:
1) Mackinaw City
2) Mackinac Island
3) St. Ignace

You’ll witness three firework shows all at the same time, lighting up the sky and gleaming off the Mackinac Bridge. Holy cow.…that is a firework event you will never forget. I sure haven’t.

In the photo gallery below, I have included still shots taken of all three firework displays. The ones that show the reflections bouncing off the Mackinac Bridge are worthy of a wall painting. Check out these photos, along with the videos from whence they came…if they can’t spur your interest to head north for Independence Day, not much else can.

Best Michigan Place To See Fireworks







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