When I post articles about Michigan, I really enjoy it because there are many great things about our fine state, including the best fishing lakes in Michigan's lower peninsula.

I use to fish a lot when I was a kid. My grandma and step grandpa took me out to a big lake when I was about 14 and I caught my first really big fish. All I remember is that it was a beautiful day, the water was calm, and the fish were biting that particular day.

As you know, Michigan is home to 11,000 lakes. And that means fun in the sun, splashing and swimming in the water and of course, fishing!

According to aerialgraphics.com, here are some of the best fishing lakes in Michigan's lower peninsula:

1. Hubbard Lake. This is one of the coolest lakes around. If you love to fish, then you'll really like this lake. It's full of pike, bass, perch, and muskie.

2. Gun Lake. My mom use to take all of us kids to Gun Lake when we were younger. We spent most of our time swimming and cooking out. This lake is one of the best for walleye fishing.

3. Coldwater Lake. Never been to this lake but I do know that Catfish are one of the most common fish caught in this lake. They say that Coldwater Lake is a fisherman's dream, so take advantage and happy fishing.

4. Houghton Lake. The next time you plan your fishing trip, put Houghton Lake down as your next destination. This lake is known for walleye, pike and bass.

5. Mullett Lake. "This lake is connected to Burt Lake and has been known to have great pike, smallmouth bass and walleye. Some say they've caught giant sturgeons in Mullett Lake." (aerialgraphics.com)

There's no doubt about the fact that Michigan has the best fishing lakes in the lower peninsula. If you would like to see more of these great fishing lakes, aerialgraphics.com can help you out.

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