Do you like riding your bike? Is it more of a leisurely thing for you or is it extreme? Do you like riding your mountain bike down hills, hitting jumps and catching air?

I have a Trek mountain bike. It’s the first “nice” bike I have ever owned. Don’t get me wrong, the Huffy got me through my kid years,  but there is a significant difference in the brand of bikes. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is true.

Regardless of what type or brand of bike you have, there are plenty of options for you to ride your bike on some trails. Let’s face it, riding our bike on the side of the road in the Lansing area can get dangerous. Why not hit some trails to enjoy the scenery and wildlife while substantially decreasing your chances of getting hit by a car?

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The River Trail in Lansing is a lot of fun. You can ride for miles and miles on the River Trail. The cool thing about the River Trail is that you will see parts of Lansing from a whole different view. Don’t stress about traffic, the only traffic you may encounter is other bike riders. No big deal. There are some spots on the River Trail where you might have to cross a street to continue on. Take your time, cross the road safely and you’ll be good to go.

I like riding the River Trail from Hawk Island. You can take that north into downtown Lansing, or you can go east to visit East Lansing. Another thing about the River Trail I like is that I can stop and grab a bite to eat in downtown Lansing, Old Town or East Lansing. Take a break, grab a snack, cool off and get back on the bike and keep exploring. When you need a break, you can park your bike and do it again.

The list below offers you suggestions for local parks that have bike trails that you can ride. Keep in mind that some of these parks also grant you access to the River Trail. Some parks may charge admission. I know Hawk Hollow does because it is a county park.











The 10 Best Parks in Lansing That Have Bike Trails

Love riding your bike but want to avoid busy city roads? Check out these Lansing bike trails.

Do you ride? What parks and trails should I check out? Let me know and I hope to see you out on the trails.

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