Say what? Bob Barker is 98 years old. He certainly is, and he celebrated his 98th yesterday!

The beloved game show host of The Price is Right for so many years, 35-years to be exact, just celebrated number 98, and that is amazing. It's amazing for anyone to live that long.

How is he doing now? Well, not much is being said, but it seems he's doing well for a 98-year old, and he's still at home. His family and those close to him say other that a couple of fall over the past couple of years, he's good, sort of isolating due to the pandemic to be safe.

So many of us have grown up with Bob Barker that we feel he's part of the family, even if we haven't seen him for awhile.

His broadcasting career is one to envy, beginning in in 1947 after graduating from college with a degree in economics. It really began to take off when he moved to California in 1950 to do a radio show in beautiful downtown Burbank. says in 1956 to moved to television to host the popular Truth or Consequences. That game show became a staple on TV, on network and in syndication until 1974. But, even before Truth or Consequences ended, it later returned with a new host, Barker began hosting The Price is Right, and the rest is game show history.

But, probably one of the most memorable moments in Bob Barker's career was when he played himself in Adam Sandler's movie "Happy Glimore." Remember the fight scene? It was literally "priceless," and won "Best Fight Sequence" at the MTV Movie Awards that year.

"Come on Down," Bob, and Happy Birthday!

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