Can you believe this old ad?

This advertisement for a revolver appeared in 1904; it was attempting to let adults know it was safe to have with kiddies in the house.

Nowadays we can see all the mistakes that were made in this blurb:
1) Words from the little girl saying "Papa says it won't hurt us" AS SHE PLAYS WITH THE GUN.

2) "Accidental Discharge Impossible" therefore telling folks it's OK to let your younguns play with your firearm.

3) "Absolutely Safe"...a blatant statement that doesn't ring true.

4) The little doll next to her is posed to resemble a body that's just been shot to death. The little girl has a look of regret on her face as she stares down at the gun in her hand.

5) The statement "they shoot straight and kill" not the type of line you wanna put in an ad that concerns child safety.

By the way, this is the brand of revolver that was used to assassinate Bobby Kennedy and President William well as the attempt on President Franklin D. Roosevelt.