Everyone tries to same money whenever they can.  Everything seems to cost so much so It is nice to save some cash whenever you can.   If you are into saving here are a few ways that might help you out.

Take surveys, you can get paid for them sometimes and if it is at a store you frequent you could earn shopping points.

Sell to Amazon, the online retailer accepts a slew of old items, including video games.

There is an app called SnipSnap where you can store your digital coupons (so you don't forget/or lose them)

Don't buy dryer sheets.   Instead cut a sponge in half and soak the pieces in a container holding 1 cup fabric softener and 2 cups of water.  Wring and toss one into each dryer load. Your savings will be about $8 dollars per 80 loads.

Use baking soda for indigestion...(thank you Grandma for that bit of wisdom)

This one is from my Mom.  Instead of buying window cleaner, mix equal amounts of white vinegar and water and put in a spray bottle.  Works wonders, and if you wipe clean with newspaper you will have no streaks.

Finally get free E books,  you can download nearly 60 thousand public domaine  e-books including many classics at Guttenberg.org

When it comes to money, my philosophy is 'better in my pocket than someome else's'.

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