There is going to be even more variety to look forward to in the Lansing foodie scene in the New Year.

New Pizza Restaurant Opening in Lansing in 2022

Just last night (Dec. 5th), with a slyly worded "announcement" on their Facebook page, Saddleback BBQ posed a very important question to Lansing:

Basically, but not quite, announcing the opening of a brand new restaurant to look forward to in 2022. No word on where the restaurant will be located. Or perhaps, it'll be an off-shoot of one of Saddleback's existing locations in REO Town Lansing or Okemos.

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However, it does appear that there is a consensus on the logo in question. Check out Saddleback's most recent Facebook post below; it seems the people have spoken, and a logo was selected.

Congratulations to Saddleback BBQ and its entire crew! It's so awesome to see local Lansing small businesses thriving, especially during such a difficult time for so many. Saddleback looks out for so many in the community as well.

Saddleback BBQ Helps Lansing Community and Small Businesses

This past summer, there were a slew of break-ins in the Downtown and REO Town Lansing area, leaving a great number of businesses to contend with more than just stolen money. According to Fox 47, The Social Sloth Cafe had its back door damaged during the break-in, "which will cost them $2,000 to replace". To help these Lansing small businesses Saddleback owners, Matthew Gillett and Travis Stoliker, put together a GoFundMe to raise funds and give back to the businesses that had been broken into.

Saddleback BBQ—One of the Best Rated Restaurants in Lansing

The news of Saddleback BBQ opening a new restaurant and dipping its toes into something new is excellent. Saddleback is consistently voted and rated the best when it comes to BBQ and food in Lansing, in general. We're sure to see their hard work pay off in a new and delicious way for all.

In the meantime, see why Saddleback BBQ was rated one of the best restaurants in Lansing in the gallery below.

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